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Lesson 3
Simple Present Tense
1.      Begin here :
He                         have 8              a book.
Has 3                     have 8                          does 5

2.      Right. Next question :
                   Have a pencil?
Does 9                               do 72

3.      Right. Next question :
                   John have a dictionary?
Do 6                                  Does 9                         Has 4

4.      Wrong. Study this :
He has a pencil
Does John have a pen?
Do                          do the homework?
They 2                               John 12

5.      Wrong. Study this :
Does he have a book?
He has a dictionary.

6.      Wrong. Study this :
Do they have a car?
Does he have a book?
Does                       see Mr. Smith?
He 2                                  They 12

7.      Wrong. Study this :
He has a book.
They have two book.
Does he have a book?
Do they have a radio?

8.      Wrong. Study this :
They have a photograph.
He has a tape recorder.
                   have a book?
Ms. Smith and Ms. Jane 10                                   Jim 7

9.      Right. Next question :
Does he                  a car?
Has 14                               have 13

10.  Right. Next question :
Ms. Smith                           a complete library.
Have 7                               Has 3

11.  Wrong. Study this :
Does he have a briefcase?
Do they have a briefcase?
He has the car.
They have the cars.

12.  Wrong. Study this :
Does he have a pencil?
Does she have a pen?
Do they have the book?

13.  Right. Next question :
                   they have homework?
Does 18                             Do 16

14.  Wrong. Study this :
He reads a book.
Does he have a pencil?
Do                                      have the radio?
He 11                                They 15

15.  Right. Next question :
Does Ms. Smith                 a book?
Read 13                             Reads 11

16.  Right. Next question :
Ms. Jane doesn’t                a pencil.
Has 23                               Have 24

17.  Wrong. Study this :
Mr. Jim doesn’t                  tennis.
Play 24                              Plays 19

18.  Wrong. Study this :
Does he have a book?
Do they have radios?

19.  Wrong. Study this :
John does not play tennis.
Bili has a pen.
Mr. and Mrs. Brown don’t have a radio.
Mr. and Mrs. Green don’t play tennis.

20.  Wrong. Study this :
Does Ms. Smith have a book?
Do they have a radios?
Does Jim read a book?
Do you have a photograph?

21.  Right. Next question :
                   John and Jane reads book.
Do 16                                Does 20

22.  Right. Next question :
Mr. and Mrs. Green                       Open their dictionaries.
Dossn’t 30                         Doesn’t 17

23.  Wrong. Study this :
Jim reads a book.
Ms. Smith doesn’t read a book.
Ms. Jane                             open a dictionary.
Don’t 19                            Doesn’t 17

24.  Right. Next question :
They                       read the book.
Doesn’t 28                                    Don’t 30                                  Isn’t 27

25.  Wrong. Study this :
They aren’t in the library.
He isn’t at home.
Aren’t                     here?
Ms. Smith 34                     They 26

26.  Right. Next question :
Jim                          in the garden.
weren’t 34                         Isn’t 29

27.  Wrong. Study this :
She doesn’t read a book.
That isn’t her book?
                   she read her book.
Doesn’t 22                                    Isn’t 31

28.  Wrong. Study this :
He doesn’t work in the library.
They don’t work in the library.
She doesn’t                        in the library.
works 31                           works 22

29.  Right. Next question :
How many houses                          she have?
do 35                                 don’t 34                                  does 36

30.  Right. Next question :
He                          here.
aren’t 25                            isn’t 29                                    weren’t 32

31.  Wrong. Study this :
They don’t have it.
He doesn’t have it.
Jane and Jim don’t have it.
We don’t have it.
You don’t have it.

32.  Wrong. Study this :
They weren’t in the hospital.
John isn’t in the library.
                   they there?

33.  Right. Next question :
How many cars                              they have?
do 26                                 does 39

34.  Wrong. Study this :
Jim wasn’t here.
They weren’t here.

35.  Wrong. Study this :
How many cars do they have?
How many houses does she have?
How many                         does jim have?
book 39                             books 33

36.  Right. Next question :
She has a car,                     she?
do 42                                 does 38                                    doesn’t 41

37.  Wrong. Study this :
How many libraries do they have?
How many books does he have?
How many                         does she have?
overcoat 39                       overcoats 33

38.  Wrong. Study this :
Jane understand the lesson, doesn’t she?
The child doesn’t have a camera, does he?
Bill doesn’t open this dictionary, does                              ?
he 40                                 they 45

39.  Wrong. Study this :
How many photographs do they have?
How many calls do they receive?
How many babies does Mrs. Green have?
How many computers do I have?

40.  Right. Next question :
Mr. Smith doesn't have your dictionary,                           he?
do 43                                 does 41

41.  Right. Next question :
Jim doesn't do his homework,                               he?
does 44                              do 42

42.  Wrong. Study this :
They don't have a camera, do they?
Ms. Smith has a radio, doesn't she?
Jono doesn't have a watch, does                            ?
he 40                                 they 45

43.  Right. Next question :
The                         don't have toys, do they?
child 38                             children 40

44.  Right. Next question :
John and Jono understand the teacher,                              they?
do 42                                 don't 41

45.  Right End of unit 3.
1.        Does my father go to work every Sunday?
No,                        every Sunday
a. he doesn't go                                        b. you don't go

2.        Do your brothers play tennis in the tennis court? Yes,                 play in the yard.
       a. your brothers                                        b. my brothers

3.        I am sorry, I don't have                 information about that.
       a. much                                                     b. many

4.        The children usually                                  
       a. like chocolate                                       b. likes chocolate

5.        Does he always                 his work on time? Yes, he does.
       a. finish                                                    b. finishes

6.        The student                                   the lesson.
       a. does not understand                             b. understand

7.        The books                                    
       a. are on the shelves                                 b. is on the shelves

8.        Has Bob finished his work yet? Yes, he                           half on hour ago.
       a. has finished                                          b. finished

9.        She                                    much better after operation.
a. felt                                                        b. feeled

10.    Jane and me                                  to the 200 every Sunday
a. go                                                         b. went
11.    My shoes                           
a. don't fit my feet                                   b. doesn't fit me feet

12.    That ship                         
a. is full of sheep                                      b. are full of sheep

13.    The beggar put his cap over his cup                                
a. when he saw a cop                               b. when he sees a cop

14.    Don't let yourself                                    
a. be late                                                   b. late

15.    I want to                         
a. buys Cigarettes                            some cigarettes

16.    children are                                 
a. active, eager and noisy                         b. active, eager and noisy.

17.    I don't like                                   
a. to be cruel to any creature.                   b. cruel to any creature.

18.    I am inclined                               
a. agree with you                                      b. to agree with you

19.    Does he                           
a. find a conflict in her schedule?            b. finds a conflict in her schedule?

20.    The ship                           
a. have a leak                                            b. has a leak

21.    The merchant                              
a. decrease his prices                                b. decreased his prices

22.    My father usually                                    
a. takes a nap in the afternoon                 b. take a nap in the afternoon.

23.    The child                           a limb when he fell down the tree.
a. broke                                                    b. break

24.    She is afraid                                 .
a. to go alone                                            b. going alone

25.    Did the account in the paper                                .
a. amuse you?                                           b. amused you?
26.    Do you                              everything you admire?
a. approve of                                            b. approving of

27.    The sun                              in the east.
a. rises                                                      b. rise

28.    I hope                                the exam.
a. I don't fail                                            b. I am not failed

29.    The food usually                         
a. makes her ill                                         b. make her ill

30.    Are you                             to that girl?
a. kin                                                        b. kins

31.    I cannot                             this cold
a. get rid of                                              b. got rid of.

32.    People                               the core of problems.
a. talk about                                             b. talks about

33.    The students                                  for exam.
a. study hard                                            b. studying hard

34.    The GIA usually                           on time.
a. take off                                                 b. takes off 

35.    The sleepy driver                          the tree in front of  Jalan Sudirman.
a. hitted                                                    b. hit

36.    The car is                           in the street.
a. break                                                     b. broken

1.           Mr. Smith (pay) many bills every month.
2.           The children (be) very tired tonight
3.           The boy (run) into the street.
4.           The lesson (be) difficult.
5.           He (come) from Vienna.
6.           (be) he from America?
7.           He (go) to class early
8.           She (have) many books.
9.           Mr. Miller (rent) a house.
10.       There (be) some good news for you in this letter.
11.       The news (be) bad tonight.
12.       There (be) not many people in the bank now
13.       The house (have) a nice green law,-1.
14.       He (watch) a baseball game every Saturday
15.       John always (do) the lessons carefully
16.       Mr. Black (-smile) at the pretty girl.
17.       He (fly) to California every winter.
18.       Mary (need) some money.
19.       It (rain) very much in this country
20.       The maid (prepare) meals everyday
21.       John (owe) me fifty cents.
22.       He (like) sandwiches.
23.       There (be) many Latin Americans in the United States.
24.       Those people (he) Americans.
25.       He (need) to learn French.
26.       They (like) to study English.
27.       John (have) good pronunciation.
28.       He (eat) lunch at one o'clock.
29.       Virginia (speak) Spanish very well.
30.       She (notice) the differences.
31.       George (study) very hard.
32.       They (use) formal greetings.
33.       The children (need) vegetable everyday.
34.       The students  (understand) their teacher.
35.       Mr. Smith (have) a new car.
36.       Mother (need) to buy meat and vegetables.
37.       The clerk (wait) on Mrs. Green.
38.       She (have) many things to buy today
39.       We (learn) the the vocabulary and idioms of each lesson.
40.       The Cauli-Flower (cost) thirty cents.

            Rockefeller Center today (include)1 several different (building)2. They (be)3 office buildings. They (lie)4 between 48th Street and 52 Street, north and south, and (extend)5 from Fifth Avenue on the east to Past Sixth Avenue on the west. This section (be)6 in the center of New York City. The buildings (be)7 very large and very high. They (be)8 skyscrapers. A building Which is veryhigh is (call)9  a skyscraper because it seems to touch or "scrape" the sky.
There (be)10 many interesting facts and stories about Rockefeller Center. One (can)11 write a book about  Rockefeller Center. Tens of thousands of people (work)12 in Rockefeller Center everyday. Tens of thousands more (visit)13 the different buildings everyday. There (be)14 men whose work simpiy (be)15 to change the light bulb which (be)16  burned out. Another group of men (work)17 just picking up cigarettes and (chew)18 gum which people (throw)19 along the (hall)20.

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